FIll the frame

Cram all your information into the frame. Don’t leave ‘breathing room’. Negative space is so negative, man. Grrrrr. This one gets on my nerve. Fill the frame? Er, no. Woops, looks like nobody told (master) Fan Ho to fill the frame. Negative space is king.

Fan Ho. Hong Kong Memoirs.

follow the rules

Rule of thirds? Check! Centre your subject? Check! Golden Ratio Spiral? Check! Ahhhh! Half of those Golden Spiral images you see are just a spiral placed over an image. You can make the spiral fit most images. I say, don’t follow rules. I say do what you feel. Rule of thirds seem to make very ‘appealing’ and ordinary images. Our brains have seen it so many times we are immune to harmonious. Following rules does not lead to innovation.

Someone trying to tell me that this Ansel Adams images conforms to a Golden Ratio. That mountain on the right ain’t the focal point. (the clouds are)

Buy gear!B

Saw an article saying you should buy more equipment if you wanna shoot like a pro. Links to affiliate Amazon links follow. Buy equipment you need. Buy something that will help you take photos. Want to do long exposure? Okay, you may need a tripod if you have been struggling for weeks with putting your camera on a rolled up jumper. (Ask me how I know?!)

Megapixels are everything!

Megapixels are the most important thing when buying a new camera. Everything. Less than 24 megapixels? Haha. Out of the game buddy. Haha! If only it were that simple. Many factors go into what makes a great camera. What made me buy mine? Holding it in my hands. It just felt ‘right’. If your camera doesn’t feel nice to hold, well, you won’t hold it so much.

Instagram is super important

No. No. And no. Shoot for yourself, not a square.

More here

Best wishes until next time,


7 thoughts on “The Worst Photography Tips Ever- Part 1

  1. I think I took some of my best images when I started out with a little $150 Canon point & shoot. Anyone can learn how to use a camera and take a photo, but not everyone has a Photographer’s eye (or Vision).

    I agree with your last point. Shoot for yourself.

    While ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ may seem flattering and boost one’s ego, they don’t make one a good photographer.

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  2. Thanks Vicky, although it is nice to have a great camera, we look at so many amazing old photos (like Henri CArtier Bresson for example) and they had not much to work with, compared to todays technology. Thanks for dropping by!

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  3. Nice advice article. I am old school and have a built in comp checker…in my head. I do agree to shoot what you see, how you see. Unless your work needs to be juried, and hung in a gallery just take what you want.

    Sooner or later you will find your style, what you make work, and what ‘you’ enjoy. Decades later I still follow that rule, works for me.

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