Denise Litchfield, Clairvoyant

Denise Litchfield, a clairvoyant, asked me to create images for her newly revamped website, and to use across her social media.

Branded Portrait Session with Denise Litchfield

As a brand photographer, my job is to impart your unique brand message through portrait and lifestyle photographs.

I always start with a short questionnaire, so we are on the same page. It makes for photos that are you. And represent your vision and brand. It informs me of my approach to your headshot and lifestyle photos.

Everything about your brand photography session is crafted with these words in mind: the location, the props, the lighting, and the mood to capture during the session.

Denise Litchfield, a clairvoyant, asked me to create images for her newly revamped website, and to use across her social media.

Brand Portrait Questionnaire

I asked Denise some questions, to get a feel of what she was after, and if there was anything specific she required.

What industry do you work in and how would you describe your brand?

I’m a psychic and medium bringing a fresh take on the all things intuitive. My brand is fun, coastal, with lashings of cake. I want convey that psychics are human too and probably hang out at the same places you do. 

Do you already have something in mind for what your headshot needs to look like?

I need images to work hard, spreading from large landscape styles with lots of room for text as hero images in sales pages, down to more fun snaps that capture the beachy relaxed feel of my brand for instagram.

I knew I didn’t want to look like every other psychic, so crystals and trappings were banned from the shoot, but I do have the favourite deck used in readings.

Where will you be using these photos? Website or Social Media?

Alllllll the places!

Landscape or portrait orientation?

Why not have both?

Do you need space around your images for text and call-to-actions?


Do you have brand colours that we need to work with? Do you have a location already in mind?

I’ve attached my brand board with the hex colours I use in my site for reference, but I’ll also bring along key props to use with my brand colours.

On Location

With all that information, we can go ahead with the shoot, knowing that Denise is going to get the images the way she wants. With the colours she uses, showing her unique self.

We took these on a the lovely quiet beach of Culburra on the South Coast of New South Wales.

If you are interested in how I can help you become the face of your brand, reach out!

Capturing the unique you with portraits that stop the scroll. 

“All the great shots you see on my website are shot by Don – he captured the essence of what I needed to comminucate my brand message.”

Denise Litchfield


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