It has been a week since we lost our beautiful Bruce, so I thought I would put together some music about how I felt the past few days.

The piano section was just improvisation that seemed to fit, along with some sad chord progressions using violins, cello and other instruments (synthesisers as I can only just play piano)

I hope you will give it a listen. Please have your tissues ready.

For technical details: I used Cubase with Spitfire Audio Labs for all parts, with the piano played straight from my Yamaha MX61 using ‘Soft Piano’ from Spitfire. Key of D minor (of course).

(The Soundcloud link below will just play without moving from this page-just press the orange ‘play’.

I hope everyone is staying home (if they can) and staying safe. The world is crazy at the moment, and not getting any better.

My thoughts are with the frontline staff of doctors and nurses, and with the disadvantaged, who are going to be the worst off when it all blows over.

Take care everyone, and best wishes until next time.


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