After 30 years, I finally have the camera that made my heart race all that time ago- the iconic Nikon F4.

Heavy, packed with every feature you could possibly want, and sexy as hell, this is the last analog camera I will buy. 

When they were first released they cost $2500, adjusted to today, that is around $5000+. Body only.

Times have changed, especially in the analog camera market, with many going for point and shoot cameras with dinky lenses and some light leaks.

Not me. I wanted something powerful. Something with double-exposure capabilities, auto wind, choice of focusing screens, the ability to use all the lenses I already own, full manual control and full auto modes too. The F4 has all these features, and my first roll proved it was worth every cent, and this was going to be my go-too camera for the rest of my life. 

The styling of the F4 looks familiar- every NIkon digital SLR was based on this camera. It is a classic in every sense of the word. 

Check out my first roll on the F4 with Kodak 

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