In the beautiful city of Paris is an impressive cemetery and park called Cimetière du Père Lachaise.

Any visit to the city would not be complete without a visit to this wonderful cemetery, or for that matter, if you are a pet lover, the Dog Cemetery-The Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques. 

I was 18 when I first left Australia to live in London, and travelled to France twice while I was living there. Since then I have been to Paris another six times. Yes, I love the place! It is such a magical city with a rich deep history and culturally, ground zero for art. 

Many years have past since this first visit, many girlfriends, jobs, careers, artistic pursuits and I love the place more with every trip.

(I has told several times when I was last there that my French pronunciation was excellent- and you cannot ask for a greater compliment than that!)

Opened in 1804, it has over 70,000 burial plots. Absolutely everyone is buried here-Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Jacques-Louis David, Balzac, Delacroix, Isadora Duncan, Edith Piaf, Proust, Seurat, Yves Montand, Colette and many other.

On my first visit, back in 1984 I took my new camera, a Canon T70 and captured the city of love on film (no choice back then!).

These are from that one visit to Pere Lachaise on a Spring day in 1984.

For me, they bring back wonderful memories of my youth, in Paris, in love with no cares, just passion.

I hope you enjoy them.

Best wishes until next time, Don

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