I love Adobe Camera Raw. Most, sometimes all of my photo editing gets done in Raw. Because I only shoot in RAW format, Camera Raw is a perfect program to do all my editing in.

Originally, I loved developing my images very naturalistic, but now I love a bit of punch and the program makes it so easy to create the style I like, and more importantly, to apply that style across many images.

This is not a tutorial, as a celebration of such as simple and powerful program.

Before and after.

I find it easy to pull all the images in a set into Camera Raw, selecting all, and adjusting one image, while applying my changes to all images at once. Then, I go back and tweak each slightly.

Yes, this can be done in Lightroom too, but the interface and simplicity of Raw is just hard to beat. It is simple, clean and fast.

Of course, Camera Raw is non-destructive, and all edits are saved alongside the original RAW file.

Two lots of presets I created. One warmer tones, and one cooler look.
Creating a warmer look. (Border done in Photoshop)
Getting punchier and stronger images instantly by creating presets and applying them.
One the left, the original image, on the right, applying some simple adjustments to create a stronger, more dynamic image.

Do you love Adobe Camera Raw as much as I do? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, best wishes,


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