I’ve just returned* from a week in Culburra Beach on the South Coast of N.S.W, Australia. A magical place of long, empty beaches, rugged sandstone headlands, a lake and Crookhaven river spilling into the sea.

Nikon D750 w/ Tamron SP 90mm. 8 sec at f/16 ISO 100

Maybe 90% of the houses in this small town are holiday homes. A place you may not want to go to in summer, but in winter it is perfect. Quiet, peaceful.

Nikon D750 w/ Tamron SP 90mm. 5 sec at f/16 ISO 100

The pack (my partner Denise and our dog, Boofy) love the beach walks and the roaring log fire.

Nikon D750 w/ Tamron SP 90mm. 7 sec at f/16 ISO 100

Waking up to the sound of waves and birds makes a nice change to leaf-blowers and never-ending construction sites in our neighbourhood. 

It was mid-winter, so spectacular sunsets were standard, as well as freezing cold winds knocking over tripods ( I damaged my new lens as it hit some rocks- now it makes a terrible crunching noise when I focus ) and sand getting inside gear bags and clothes. The pictures look calm and serene, but the conditions were quite the opposite.

Nikon D750 w/ Tamron SP 90mm. 8 sec at f/13 ISO 100

I got sandblasted most days with icy (for Australian standards!) winds. I tried to make it seem ‘romantic’. That I was ‘braving the elements to capture the shot’ like an intrepid National Geographic photographer in the Arctic. (I have a vivid imagination) No, it was just winter on a beach a few hours south of Sydney. 

Nikon D750 w/ Nikon 50mm 2.8. 8 sec at f/16 ISO 100

I did feel, as I was packing up, and the sun had long gone behind the escarpment, that I had achieved something worthwhile. It is easy to stay at home, but the real thrill in life is getting out and exploring and shooting. Now that is a real reward, regardless of the images you capture. 

Nikon D750 w/ Nikon 28mm. 1/160 sec at f/11 ISO 100
A short video too!

*This was written and shot last year. (Didn’t get spectacular photos this year- please see this post)

Until next time, best wishes.


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