Portrait Photography

My Goal: Make you look amazing, and make you feel comfortable doing it.

Portrait Gallery

Andrew Wong

Yoga teacher at Urban Soul Yoga, Sydney.

Amber Ben

Shoe designer and creator of Vivaz Dance Shoes, Sydney.

Sydney Vegan Market

Planet-loving, plant-based, animal-hugging portraits from the Sydney Vegan Market.

Claire Tait

Claire Tait, a Holistic Kinesiologist who is passionate about helping people live to their full potential.

Mistress Tokyo

Mistress Tokyo is a Dominatrix from Sydney Australia with over 16yrs BDSM experience. As well as being a kink educator, she is curator of Australia’s newest community space, “Peak”. She is also a fetish performer.

Denise Litchfield

Straight up psychic readings served with a side of sass. Denise Litchfield is not your average clairvoyant and psychic, but you knew that already.

Nikki Schwindt

Fashion Model

Dela Amiri

Fashion Model

Eleni Kokkinos

Miss Eleni, an eclectic performer, with a dazzling range of styles in her repertoire. She is a versatile vocalist with great stage presence and ability to communicate with every audience.

Carla Calabia

Fashion Model

Tai Mackenna

Model and actor.

Jude Paddon Row

Model, Singer, Performer.

Ebony Rose

Fashion Model.

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