Portrait photography with Don Urban Photography.

‘So, what do you do?” They asked.

Without thinking I said. “I’m a photographer, a portrait photographer.”

This was the best moment of my life. I defined myself as what I do. I defined who I was, based on my passion.

It would seem normal, I guess, that I would say that I am a photographer. I am a photographer. I also work in a shop and sharpen Japanese chef’s knives for a job a few days a week. That is my main source of income, and it has been for some time. (10:30 starts and 4:30 close, within walking distance, are nothing to be sniffed at)

Starting from then, I decided that my job is not me, it is a way to make money. My real passion, my real excitement, my real pleasure is in taking photos.

I don’t think we should be defined by what we do. We should be defined by if we are a cat or dog person. (Just kidding- but just so you know, I am a dog person)

Now I ask. “What is your passion?” It makes for a better conversation starter. It makes for a better way to learn about someone you just met.

What do you think? Would you ask someone where they lived, what they do, or what do they love doing? Let me know!

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